Happy Monday! We were wishing for a slow morning start over here today after a full weekend, but we're right back in the studio and ready to bust out some work this week! Two shows lined up for this weekend, stay tuned for more info + where to find us!

With lots of projects on the agenda, we've been searching for simple, fast lunch options that we can whip up in no time. Wraps are always a good go-to and with so many ways to change them up, you'll never get bored. I like Ezekiel Whole Grain Tortillas the best. Check the links below for some ideas to get wild with your own wraps!

Hummus Veggie Wrap by Foodie Crush

Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps by Minimalist Baker

Black Bean Wrap by Veggie Primer

Vegan Rainbow Wrap by Trader Joe's

Enjoy your week!

- - Tori

Posted on August 22, 2016 .