Glass Dharma is a brand of glass drinking straws that I have been using for a while now. Not only are Glass Dharma straws beautifully made, the mission behind their brand is one I support 100%, less waste! Forget the single-use, plastic straws found at any and all restaurants and cafes, glass straws are totz the way to go and so easy to carry with you! Plastic products are piling up in our landfills and polluting our environment. Only we can work to lessen the problem, one by one.

Listen to this - In 2008, McDonald's served an average of 52 million meals a day. A DAY! Now, imagine how many of those meals included drinks, and how many of those drinks included straws. See what I'm getting at here? That is one fast food chain alone!

So, if you're not already convinced that glass straws are where it's at, here are a few more facts:

• Releases no toxins into your drink

• Reusable, reducing your plastic waste over and over

• Made of the strongest commercial glass available

• Comes with a lifetime guarantee

• Made in the USA

Glass Dharma also makes a variety of styles for all your needs. From coffee straws and water bottle straws, to decorative dot straws (my personal fav) and beautiful bent straws.

I'm a total fan, and trust me, you will be too! I have a special Glass Dharma giveaway over on Instagram today that you won't want to miss! Hop on over to @kitchenandkraft to see what it's all about and start living the less-waste life!

- - Tori



Posted on June 27, 2016 .