Happy Monday! We are back after a long, hot, super fun weekend in the Catskills at the Phoenicia Flea. Glad to be home and in cooler temps today! With the non-official start of Summer upon us we're thinking about grilled veggies like whoa, and had the delicious pleasure of having some cooked for us this weekend. Nothin' like it. We did grilled carrots as well and that had us thinking of one thing, carrot dogs. Yep, they've been circulating around the Instagram world for some time now and it's going to be our vegan barbecue staple for sure. Check out Inspiralized + the link below to pick up what we're putting down!

Carrot Dogs by Inspiralized

We'll leave you with a little weekend reminiscing...

Have a great week,

- - Tori

Posted on May 30, 2016 .