Happy Monday! Today I'm excited to get back into a routine after all the holiday craziness. I'm on day 8 of the smoothie cleanse and have 2 more days to go. I also just started a yoga challenge to complete 20 classes in the month of January. I am pushing myself to do them on 20 consecutive days. I feel pretty good on the smoothie cleanse this time, but really miss actually preparing a meal and putting ingredients together. And smoothie BOWLS. There is a total difference between a smoothie in a jar and a smoothie in a bowl, trust me.

I had made a batch of gingerbread bliss balls for Christmas Eve and can't stop thinking about them and that I need to make them more often. They are SO simple and customizable. The possibilities are completely endless.

I've rounded up some bliss ball inspiration for the end of the week when I can eat them again. They are great as a snack, dessert or treat. Bliss balls are also super easy to pack and take with you for on-the-go eats. Most of them start with a base of dates and nuts and then you can build from there with whatever flavors you like. You can roll them in superfoods for an added nutrient boost too! Check these out:

Bliss Balls by Lee From America

Super Seed Chocolate Protein Bites by Oh She Glows

Brownie Bliss Balls by The Balanced Blonde

Walnut Bliss Balls With Chia, Coconut + Carob by This Rawsome Vegan Life

Enjoy today!

- - Tori

Posted on January 4, 2016 .