How many days till Summer? Okay, we've had it pretty easy this Winter so far, but I'm ready for warm sun, long days and THESE rice paper rolls. I am having major cravings. They became a dinner staple last Summer. The rolls are so easy to throw together and you can fill them with whatever ingredients you want or have on hand. They really can translate to any cuisine! The fact that they look super pretty with each filling peeking through the paper roll is an added bonus.

I filled these particular ones with lettuce, mango, carrot + avocado, dipped them in liquid aminos and topped them with pickled ginger. Heaven. You can find the rice paper sheets at any Whole Foods Market or Asian food store. You re-hydrate them by quickly dunking them in a bowl of water and they are good to go! Check below for some more mouth watering combo inspiration.

Fresh Summer Rolls by This Rawsome Vegan Life

Veggie Rice Paper Rolls by One Green Planet

Rainbow Spring Rolls by Minimalist Baker

You might need to eat these with a side of hot tea on these Winter days, but it'll be totz worth it. The count down to Summer begins...

Have a great week!

- - Tori


Posted on January 11, 2016 .