Must Make Monday

Happy Monday!

Still thinking about the crazy cool blood moon eclipse last night, WOW. I did a ton of dyeing this weekend and am ready to buckle down this week and get prepping for The Newburyport Fall Harvest Festival ! Lots of rad things in the works. But first, my boss told me to take the morning off today and go apple picking. Isn't she just the best? HA. So, naturally apples are on the brain. There's nothing like a just-picked-perfectly-ripened-super-crispy-first-of-fall apple, let's be real. You all know what I'm talking about.

All of the usual apple recipes will no doubt be made with my haul. This time though I am adding these to the mix:

-- Apple Pie Date Bars

-- 15-Minute Apple Sauce

-- Sugar-Free Apple Pie Chia Seed Jam + Breakfast Parfait

Do those sound amazing, or what? I'm pretty positive the breakfast parfait will be making an appearance tomorrow here. I'm also thinking that the apple pie date bars would basically make the perfect smoothie bowl topper when broken up into bite-size pieces, just sayin'.

Enjoy this fall day,

- - Tori