Must Make Monday

Just another manic Monday around these parts. The past few weeks, Mondays have meant lots of organizing, inventory and unpacking from weekend shows. But once that is done, we can all breathe, ahhhhhhhhh. And that is the scene here today! After a successful SOWA South Boston Holiday Market!

So now after a crazy weekend, I bring you a stupid fast, stupid easy, super lazy dinner idea. Yes, I have eaten this the past two nights. I like to call it, Sushi Salad. Yeah, that's right. Two words, literally two ingredients. Any sushi roll will work, but my go-to is Whole Foods Market brown rice cucumber avocado roll. I add spinach, carrots, sesame seeds and mushrooms to a bowl and then plop the sushi roll and pickled ginger right on top! Add a lil liquid aminos, toss + chop and you've got yourself a Sushi Salad.

It leaves you with the perfect amount of rice, avo and cucumber in the salad and makes for something a little more filling and satisfying than a regular old roll. Part of me can't believe I am dedicating a Must Make Monday to this silly dinner idea, part of me really hopes you make it.

Till next time,

- - Tori

Posted on December 7, 2015 .