Must Make Monday


We had a great time at the Vintage Bazaar Holiday Jubilee this past weekend. Now we are gearing up for Renegade NYC next! We are stoked and have a few new items we will be bringing too! Before I get going on those, here's what I've been dreaming about lately...

I've never been a soup person. That's until I had Life Alive's lentil soup a few weeks back. Guys. This wasn't what I normally categorize as soup. It had so much going on, chunks of veggies and hearty lentils. This soup totally changed my mind on what "soup" should be. Now I'm hooked and patiently waiting until I have a hot minute to make this vegan lentil soup recipe โฌ‡

Best Lentil Soup Recipe by Cookie + Kate

Just think, THIS, a lazy Sunday and a warm, cozy blanket. Yeah, match made in heaven. Make it, really.

Have a super week!

- - Tori

Posted on November 9, 2015 .