It's Cyber Monday and we're dealing with a little bit of a craft fair hangover from this past weekend. The boss said to sleep in, so I couldn't argue with that. Lots on the to-do list today though, so we have to get it in gear! But first! A lil Must Make Monday...

Cranberry sauce basically IS Thanksgiving. Are we right? This year I didn't get not one drop and am craving it like WHOA. This recipe calls for agave nectar as the sweetener instead of white sugar (not so delicious) and we will be making this ASAP, you better believe it.

3 Ingredient Cranberry Sauce by Post Punk Kitchen

We're planning to put this on just about everything. Toast. Salad. Sweet Potatoes. Oatmeal. Smoothie Bowls. Pretty much all the main food groups, right? Just kidding. Kinda.

Now, we must get out of bed because that to-do list ain't doin' itself!

- - Tori

Posted on November 30, 2015 .